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I continue to complain about Android

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

I’m sorry I can’t let this go. I wanna believe that Android will take over the world and it may. But it’s obvious Google believes that they fundamentally own the world (I remember Microsoft thinking they did at one point as well).

I like you has various email addresses. With my trusty Blackberry, they could go into a single inbox or multiple inboxes and when I replied, it used THAT email address as the FROM email address. All automatically.  Google thinks that GMAIL is the bomb and should be your only email address. While the Android Gmail client can collect email from various points, it always replies using your Gmail account. Who thought that up?

You can configure additional mailboxes which allow you to read and send from other email accounts. But Android punishes you for that. Those mailboxes are inaccessibly if you don’t have a live wireless connection (like on a plane or subway). Meaning you can’t read those emails if out of range. Who thought this concept up?

Finally (I’m not sure this is the true FINALLY, as each day I found more signs that the entire software is simply poorly conceived) is the simple matter or replying or forwarding an email. My goodness, who does that?  Android Google Gmail has “wisely” decided to keep presistent buttons for ARCHIVE, LABELS and DELETE at the bottom of screen no matter where you are in your email. DELETE I fully agree with, but ARCHIVE and LABELS — who uses those features?

Pressing the MENU button (you’d think that would bring up the 2nd most commonly used features) offers you useless features like ARCHIVE (again), ADD STAR (why?), Mark Unread (that’s real important), change the label and delete (again) and a MORE button with only 2 menu items.

To forward or reply in Android Gmail you have to scoll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE MESSAGE and then pray that there is sufficient light for you to see the tiny print for reply, reply all and forward.

Now here is the IRONY, the non-Gmail client actually works better, with a persistent REPLY, REPLY ALL and DELETE button on the bottom at all times. But it quickly goes into stupid mode as well. Hit the MENU key and you repeat DELETE, REPLY AND REPLY ALL (why is this repeated again, a waste of screen real estate).

I’m going to rant again about the inability to increase the FONT size, you need a magnifying glass to read the screen. This was/is fundamentally so incredibly stupid as to be inexcusable.

At this stage, what Google has done for Email on a mobile phone is a disgrace. Poorly conceived, thoughtout and executed. Please someone publish a Blackberry app for Android and I will happily delete all the Google rubbish.