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modified_O8A6973_large2 (Mobile)Hi! I’m Chris Koehncke (pronounced “kern-ka”) and alternate living between Washington, DC and San Franciso. I enjoy writing on technology and the focus of this blog is on new emerging communications technologies. I write about how we communicate is changing, new companies and new technology.

We have many tools for communications, the phone, email, instant messaging — more it seems every day, but yet the more tools we have, sometimes its seems like we’re communicating less. I write about that too.

Real time voice & video communications has previously been difficult. It was a speciality world. But in 2009, Google introduced WebRTC, an initial browser technology that made real-time communications easier, allowing the developer to focus on the application and spend less time worrying about how to simply make it work. This set the stage for a wealth of new applications and services.