WebRTC China Update from the Wall

WebRTC in China, it's further along than you think, here are the notes from day 2 at what is likely the first-ever WebRTC event in China (Beijing). Read more

How good is your laptop microphone?

HD audio codecs are useless if the input quality isn't up to par. But is the el cheapo internal microphone on your laptop up to the job? I set out to find out. Read more

BroadSoft Connections Postmortem

Final report from the BroadSoft Connections customers event in Phoenix where Project Tempo as a series of initiatives in the contextual communications space. Read more

BroadSoft: Where to next?

Broadsoft, a major supplier of UC infrastructure, is having their annual customer event this week (I'll be there), life is good for the moment and hard to see this changing in the near term, but what about the longer term? I'll be listening for what the audience is thinking. Read more

China, how more real time can you get?

China & WebRTC - we haven't heard much from these two. I suspect this this is about to change. Check out this forthcoming November event in Beijing and my projections for the future. Read more

Is Slack secure? And Symphony raises $100m

Symphony continues to power on, demonstrating at least to one large audience, that privacy does indeed matter, but will it extend further and impact the growth of Slack? Read more

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