Codecs and what you should know

Microsoft, Google, Amazon + team up to try and create a royalty free video code, out of necessity, anything you can do? Nope. Read more

What Oracle doesn’t like about Google

The lack of Java support for Google Chrome may have lasting consequences to those trying to develop WebRTC applications. Read more

Kranky Geek Round 2

Summer is drawing to close (except if you live in Texas) and I emerge from my hiatus with news of what I did on my summer vacation.

KrankyGeek (use this link) – the WebRTC Event is on again… Read more

WebTorrent: Rethinking delivery

The marriage of WebRTC + BitTorrent is complex, magically and holds great and real business promise to how we convey media and communicate amongst ourselves. Read more

The UC winner will be the most productive one

Are all these communications tools making you more productive? Economic reports say mostly NO. Big surprise. But a big opportunity awaits whomever can unlock worker productivity to a the new level. Read more integrates audio with Slack (kindof) quietly slips into the market with a utility to add team audio communications to Slack. This WebRTC based executable is slick in it's execution and has a nice UI. More importantly, this dev team clearly has a mission to reduce the friction in communications. Read more

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Twilio SIGNAL next week

Twilio SIGNAL next week

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Temasys progresses with Citrix

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Who will be the winner in the UC battle?

Who will be the winner in the UC battle?

Atlassian has wasted no time with Slack as a bandit on their tail with two quick acquisitions of Jit... read
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Mobile WebRTC will be better than VoLTE

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Voice needs to get better

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Impress your friend(s) with WhatsApp

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