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Bad Android

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I broke down yesterday and went to my T-Mobile store and begged the clerk to take back my Android myTouch 3G for a dated Blackberry of any vintage. As you’ve gathered, I’ve become no fan to the Android. Unfortunately, since it’s more than 30 days since the date of purchase, I am in a word ‘screwed’.

The Android Donut ironically stands as the summary of my thoughts about Android — a half eaten donut. I am not alone, look about and you will other bloggers and forum posters wondering how everyone can be excited about this. But the incoming herd exclaiming how Android is the ‘next big thing’ is rushing the doors.

I contrast this with iPhone that even to a casual observer will quickly get the impression that the product is well thoughtout. Somebody or group sat down and carefully considered how people will use the device and that everything from the look, feel, reaction and expected operation had to be considered.

Android, on the other hand, is the equal to some Linux-gear head redecorating your living room. It’s an open barrel with random bits n’ bobs thrown in (generally while saying “isn’t this cool”). I found myself in this same boat as I explain to a friend how my Android could be set up as a Wifi access point and “isnt’ that cool”. He looked at me and asked how many times a month I planned to use that feature. He was right.

The current version of Android is a horrible phone and a dismal email and instant messaging client. It is however a nice implementation of a small Linux computer and I’m not sure that enough.

Electronista blog is reporting that Android 2.0 is on the way, let’s hope this is an improvement over the usual late night pizza fueled Stanford dorm room development team usually serves us. I have little faith.