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Where’d I go? It’s time for WebRTC to shift

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke


I’ve had no recent blog posts. Why not? To quote Victor Pascual, “75% of blog posts I’ve read today on #WebRTC are saying nothing.” Indeed, I don’t want to fall victim either.

At a recent WebRTC London event, I endured two days of nothingness as speaker after speaker talked around the topic, comforted by digressing into techno speak. At the back of the room I lamented that I was trying to sell email to the post office with the group present (no disrespect but lead, follow or get out of the way).

A man of action. I’ve taken action.

Number 1: I’ve packed up my house (and chopsticks) and departed my Hong Kong home of nearly 3 years. Asia is no more. And as I write, the Hyde-Powell cable car in San Francisco goes clanking by 50 meters from my living room window. I’m in California, baby. Ground zero for application innovation and I’m here to make a difference.

Number 2: Myself along with the more popular, Tsahi Levent-Levi @bloggeekme are looking to change the game, the message and the intent. It’s about application. It’s about how communications is changing. How we will collaborate, share, understand and make progress. It’s about increasing productivity with improved communication. It’s about what the web will be like in 10 years. It’s not about worrying with lawful intercept and whether the PSTN lives or dies.

To do that, we need to engage a new audience, one who isn’t embroiled in the past, trying to connect AC to DC. The broader HTML5 development community. It’s a deeper ocean to be swimming around in, with unknown currents and strange looking fishies. But it’s here we will find innovation. People looking to change the world.

So expect to see a shift in the types of posts and my own actions as I become a spice merchant looking to flavor dishes with a dash of WebRTC.