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WebRTC: If you’re a telephone company (Part 7)

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

Final article in a series on the impact of WebRTC on the VoIP Industry

If you’re a telephone company and you’re reading about WebRTC, you might conclude you’re probably screwed. You should likely get out there now and start building your walls another foot higher, spin up your lawyers and pray for regulatory relief and all I can say is may god have mercy on your soul while you attempt to out Google, Google.

But are you really a telephone company? Is that you how describe yourself? Likely not and or rather hopefully not.

As written in these articles, the times, well they be a changing and sadly your $5 billion voice revenue stream is likely heading to a $1 billion revenue stream. But so what? Trying to stop this force is like praying for it to stop raining in Seattle.

Instead, I see opportunity for you. Small at first. Likely even insignificant. It’s an opportunity for a new revenues in a new field of applications. A new series of partners. Embracing this change won’t always be easy and nor will your first efforts here likely be a home run. Failure is always an option. But try you must.

You’re gonna need developers who endorse this concept. You need to be experimenting. In the field. Adopt the marketing model of so many on the Internet. Build something really valuable and people will find you with no need to have spent $20 million on marketing campaign.

The small-medium business has mostly been illusive to typical communication companies. Relatively little revenue, collection problems, expensive servicing costs and high churn make this market space filled with land mines. But perhaps, WebRTC services would allow you to offer web-self service product offerings with no site visit and the ability to quickly turn-up them up or down.

There’s a world of opportunity!