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WebRTC Camp: Smores by the campfire

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

tent_campAll too often industry events are thinly veiled vendor promo opportunities. Thought provoking panel outlines seem quite interesting but too often, the panelist appears to have prepared 10 minutes before the event and is looking to tilt the discussion to how his/her company has figured out how to split the atom and you’d be stupid not to be doing business with them. I don’t mind listening to vendor pitches as long as they disclaim that up front. But what if you’re trying to really learn about something? What are you options?

The great folks at andyet are hosting the 2013 WebRTC Camp in Portland, OR on Sunday 20. October. This camp is an add-on module to their popular 2013 Realtime Conference (held on the prior two days of the 18. & 19. October). Yes it’s a weekend but it’s meant for people who are seriously interested in developing real time web applications. A gathering of people who are looking to expand how the web works and influences our life. This isn’t about thinking outside the box, this is about creating a whole new box.

andyet added the WebRTC day as the nature of real time applications calls for real time communications and they’re looking to expose more folks to underlying power of the WebRTC technology and open discussions about what lies beyond. I’m busy rooting around my closet for my Grateful Dead T-shirt and packing to be there. You should to. Hurry, seats are limited to keep the flow interactive. The event promises to be insightful, thought provoking and dare I say, fun.

andyet is based in spooky Richland, OR. Until 1957, the entire city of Richland was owned by the US Gov’t. The city was famous for the manufacturer of plutonium (just the industry a city wants to attract). Today, Richland is home to one of the two Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories in the world (because one obviously wasn’t enough). A budding technology center has emerged. andyet started doing basic web development but has quickly morph’d into experts in single page apps and WebRTC. Their is a good example of how they think (gotta love the rocket ship). Cool folks doing cool things.

If you’re looking to learn, share and grow and can locate Portland, OR on a map – try to participate!