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“Eating Quiznos on the deck on the
first nice weekend of the year”, came the Twitter message to me from a VP of
Marketing from some start-up company.  This
is news? Like I care or more importantly why do I care?

In our new Aryan world, it seems,
everyone must be interested in what I’m doing and keen to hear about it as soon
as I’ve done it. This self-proclaimed marketing genius later sent a twitter
message, “Spending some of this nice Sunday on work.” The dribble just
continues and it seems so utterly not only pointless, but meaningless as well.

I briefly signed up to follow one
Twitter account who was attending a financial analyst session and he dutifully
sent notes on what he was hearing. That was interesting. But as the day wore
on, he turned to telling about his lunch, the door prize and finally he was
going back to his hotel room.

I’ve reached various emails from
folks advertising their Twitter handle in some mal-formed marketing effort to
entice me to sign-up as a follower to their random musings. Twitter, I assume,
is some sound bite blog of the moment, which may be fine if you have an
interesting topic and stay on it.

I’m willing to experiment and
a group of us higher order folks signed up and became followers of each other
(the group was composed of guys in their 30’s & 40’s). After 3 days, we
stopped. Bored and sick of reading and writing pointless messages.

I’m not going to touch on the
business case for Twitter, because there isn’t one. I’m only left with the fear
that Twitter is for non-cool people who are attempting to be cool by using
whatever the world says is the “hottest” IN thing. Unfortunately, I’m not in
that category.