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Twilio SIGNAL next week

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

signalAs you well know, I normally don’t promote events but Twilio is holding their customer conference in San Francisco next week (May 19th & 20th) called SIGNAL. It’s not free but if you use my friend Al Cook’s promo code of COOK20 you’ll get 20% off the sign-up fee. Twilio has done a remarkable job of talking to developers and making communications easier to incorporate into your application (Rob Spectre, their lead evangelist is just awesome, you hear that Rob awesome). There are enough geeky talks to satisfy whatever inner geek you may have on a wide range of topics and not necessarily just about how great Twilio is. Though you have to be in awe of a CEO who can actually code (I know FORTRAN myself)!

What caught my attention is the separate business track (actually being held in a separate location) seems to have attracted a surprising large number of attendees. And no wonder, it’s full of real life companies talking about how they incorporated communications into their business processes. There are also numerous industry speakers, including another personal favorite, Craig Walker from famed Plus fippo AKA Philipp Hancke from &yet and the soothsayer of all things WebRTC is also speaking.

Twilio has quietly introduced a number of WebRTC services, which I think have been quite successful and recently pre-announced their video offering as a beta service. But I fully expect to hear more announcements and Twilio to amp up their presence in Internet Communications during the course of the two day event. In addition, my often partner in crime, Tsahi Levi-Levent from the awesome (but not as awesome as Rob Spectre) is being hauled out to speak at about my normal nap time but likely interesting as well.

Whether you’re a Twilio customer or not, the business track agenda here is an excellent source of learning regardless and the evening social event provide a great opportunity to mix and mingle both on the technical and business side and well worth the admission fee.