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Tutorial to experiment with WebRTC

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

tutorialPerhaps you, like myself, learn by doing and experimenting is a great way to better understand technology and unlocking elements of creativity that lie within. I wanted to let my inner geek loose on WebRTC. Unfortunately, looking at the “instructions” on the webrtc site left me feeling like the IRS was definitely missing one of their forms developers. I stopped with the “ Try server tool. It is wrapped by gcl try and git-try”. Of course it is.

Sanjay Willie to my rescue has a nice blog posting with step-by-step directions on how to get WebRTC fired up using Asterisk along with sipml5 to get a basic experiment running. Follow the directions exactly and you’ll be in business in under 30 minutes. I managed to get it working on an Amazon Linux instance (I’m geek enough to do that). Thanks Sanjay for your work!

Despite getting it to work, I encountered one-way audio issues which I never seemed to solve. Most pointed the blame that Asterisk isn’t really WebRTC ready just yet. I mostly attributed it to the newness of the technology. It just needs some more time to bake.

I hope to see more knowledgeable WebRTC folks posting tutorials. The easier and more accessible WebRTC is to the larger HTML coding population the more creativity and energy the technology will have.