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Perch: Video re-thought

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

7458557914_8c1454abfbA quickie post. I finally had the chance to download and play with Perch. Perch is a group of crazies who are rethinking about how we interact and how video technology should help us. Gotta love these kinds. It’s not WebRTC but should be.

Perch was written up in August by the big tech pubs (so I won’t repeat). But the short is Perch is a mirror-mirror on the wall idea about mounting an iPad on a wall which allows you to connect to remote colleagues by simply walking up to it. Kinda of Star Trek’ish. Certainly cool. Definitely interesting and unique.

You could imagine this spun up using WebRTC and voice recognition have this running on your laptop. Check out the well done video on their home page which explains the concept.