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My hopes for mobile WebRTC are on ice

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

samsung1Arrrgh. Samsung is the largest producer’s of smart phones, shipping 250m units in the last quarter, nearly 2x their nearest competitor and I’m not even counting tablets. Samsung has profited royally from Google’s Android, put Korea on the map so speak. You’d think they’d be all over WebRTC? WebRTC for mobile phones, tablets, a natural fit for inclusion into the TV for video conferencing (finally a vendor neutral technology).

It would appear Samsung is. On the famed W3C Web Real-Time Communications Working Group Samsung has 3 voting members (equal to in fact Google, whose members include our beloved Justin and Harald). Note: the largest voting member group is Huawei (ain’t never seen them at any WebRTC event, have you?).

Unfortunately, Samsung or Chrome or Android has a deep seated problem with WebRTC. Inbound audio quality TO the Samsung device is choppy (shudders). ¬†Virtually unusable with any WebRTC application. It’s well documented, no one is saying what the problem cause is specifically and all of us are hoping that Android 4.3 (which is not currently released by Samsung) fixes the problem.