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Meet ScreenMeet

A faster web collaboration tool tuned for mobile.

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

Screen sharing. It’s a busy market of competitors, from granddaddies like WebEx and GoToMeeting, and upstarts like chasing the middle of the market. From these top 3, there 10’s of others offering screen sharing focused as into a specific vertical, work application or simply going head to head with the big boys.

A new entrant to screen sharing is San Francisco-based ScreenMeet, whose focus is on speed and being as minimal as possible. Like many, ScreenMeet does not require the viewer to download anything, it works right in the browser. In fact, a download isn’t even an option for the viewer (to present though you will need to download the app).

ScreenMeet’s goal is to show your screen to a single or remote viewer with as little fuss as possible. ScreenMeet provides telephone audio conferencing capabilities. In an about face to the trend towards Internet voice, ScreenMeet using good ole PSTN audio conferencing and has opted not to encumber their application with any audio (or video for that matter). The focus is on fast.

Where ScreenMeet excels is in mobile. Their Android client enables you to share your mobile screen to other remote mobile screens or desktops. An unexpected plus for ScreenMeet is for the demonstration of mobile applications (though only for Android). If you download the ScreenMeet client on your Android mobile, you can demonstrate any of your apps remotely without a lot of the usual fuss required.

ScreenMeet is NOT using WebRTC, the founders would like to, but the necessity of running across multiple browsers and mobile environments have forced them to kick back to hacking techniques to enable the application to work.

ScreenMeet is free for the moment as they get rolling. Desktop to desktop, desktop to mobile and mobile to mobile sharing are use cases that they cover and it’s making collaboration easier! ScreenMeet is currently available for PC and MAC from their Web Site ( and Android from the Google Play store. They should have an IOS application version shortly.