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Kranky Geek Round 2

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

Summer is drawing to close (except if you live in Texas) and I emerge from my hiatus with news of what I did on my summer vacation.

KrankyGeek (use this link) – the WebRTC Event is on again this year for Friday, September 11th at Google’s San Francisco’s offices.  I’m late announcing this to you and indeed, we’ve already over sold the event. All is not lost, use the link above to sign-up as a friend of the family.

Taking the feedback from last year, the agenda is more technical than last year (which means I won’t be saying much) and we’ve added Chad Hart from (who is way more technical) to the team. As usual, the Google Team will be present. We’re excited that both Mozilla and Microsoft have also joined our list of speakers. All in all, we have a long list of smart folks who know WebRTC presenting.

It’s a half day event and we had lots of speaker interest so we could have done a full day of all sorts of cool discussions, but better to leave the audience wanting more. What’s evident is that WebRTC is slowly leeching itself into various applications. Not with big noise, it’s just happening and frankly this is exactly how it’s supposed to go down.

Google has been both generous and helpful in getting us to Year 2 . I’m equally stoked that Twilio eagerly joined into the fold and finally Atlassian’s HipChat is a return sponsor plus we welcome IBM Bluemix. All have really great demos to share.

A key difference with KrankyGeek is the work with do with each speaker before the event. It’s often painful for the poor speaker as we push to extract the best presentation they can muster. It benefits all of us to make for a great event.

If you can’t attend, no worries, we’ll be broadcasting live on a YouTube channel and curated replays will be available shortly after the event end.