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Namaskara! Kranky Geek Ready for India

Registration closes at 6 pm LOCAL time. Hurry, we'd love to see you.

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

Kranky Geek is set for Saturday, 19. March at the MLR Convention Center in JP Nagar Bangalore India.  Registration is still open at

When Google asked us to put this event on in India, we had no idea where we would get speakers, no idea how interested the local development teams were.

[ecko_wide]At this juncture, Kranky Geek Bangalore is set to be our largest event ever on the topic of real time communications. We are now worried about over capacity issues for the convention facilities.[/ecko_wide]

Indian’s are fond of explaining to foreigners that while it often seems that nothing is working in India, it all comes together in the end and indeed this event is shaping up nicely.

We’ve got a great range of both local & international speakers, demonstrations, code building and updates on the technology from a number of industry experts. Like all Kranky Geek events, we’re focused on delivering value to the audience members as respect for their investment of time.

In organizing India, we went looking for some limited sponsors (hey this stuff isn’t free to put on) and thank Tokbox, who makes it possible to embed live video, voice and messaging to websites, iOS, and Android apps with WebRTC and IBM Bluemix, who enable you to build and run your apps in hybrid cloud development platform to access a catalog of services and APIs from IBM. Both Tokbox and IBM signed on with a single phone call.

As I’ve written previously, India is the largest developer community in the world. Some folks are dismissive about the potential for India. Indeed there are infrastructure issues and clearly traffic is problematic and I did have to wait for a cow to pass before crossing the street. I am not fully sure why all the cars seem to be honking their horns.

The power of India though is the people. 65% of the entire population is under 35 years old, fully 50% of the population is under 25! This is a youthful country and I see in the eyes of nearly every young adult I’ve met, whether a simple waiter in a restaurant or at a tech center that could have been lifted right out of Silicon Valley. The eyes are one of hope, energy and opportunity.

I’m old enough to remember when Japan was a country of cheap trinkets and things that didn’t work, my how times can change. The lesson: Don’t dismiss the power of hope, energy and opportunity to change the face of a nation.

Chad Hart, Tsahi Levent-Levi and myself are pleased to be here and experience all that India can offer.