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newspaperI try and stay up with the latest news, tweets, links and events on WebRTC. Like so much on the Internet, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m looking for the good stuff. Sometimes the good flies by our screen in a sea of other dribble. ¬†Tsahi Levent-Levi who writes the popular (but not nearly as entertaining) and I felt this was problem.

So for every problem, there is a solution and lucky for you, we have the solution,

Modeled on several popular Internet newsletters (OK so we get a C- for original thinking), is a just that a quick free weekly email newsletter with the highlights of what we (meaning Tsahi and myself) think you should know (without exploding your brain or your mailbox). Minimal fluff, mostly interesting links and short bits. You won’t fall behind as this technology evolves.

Using the popular “free” Internet economics, there’s no vendor pimping and no possible revenue to be made. We still think it’s gonna be big. Until we come to our senses, please subscribe. Issue #1 is out (with zero subscribers) ¬†and with some encouragement from you, we’ll work to make it better.

Note: We hate spam, your email address will remain with us and the NSA, don’t like it, easy single step unsubscribe.