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The Internet of New Things

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

ST-BeamRun silent, run deep has been my motto over the last weeks. I’ve been thinking and interacting with people here in the Land of Geeks (otherwise known as South of Market here in San Francisco).

For sometime I’ve been looking at the potential of how the entire way in which we communicate will be upended and entire constructs of how we think things should happen will change. To power this new concept, a smarter form of communications, that is focused more on the creation of the connection and less about what is being communicated. Think the ultimate in dumb networks. This smarter form will allow the actual end points to figure out what they want to communicate about.

With an industry beset with buzzwords, the phrase “Internet of Things” (or IOT) was coined to describe this new world of communications between, well, things. Things of all sort. An right into the mix of this new buzzword has patrolled the technology of WebRTC which is indeed focused on the creation of a connection and worries less about the actual communications. Articles already are heavily linking WebRTC to this term. We’re not talking voice and video. We’re talking about the data channel and uncovering this rock has turned over a whole new assortment of interested developers.

So wait. I’m working on it and will have more to share.

If you’re in San Francisco for Google I/O, mark your calendar to consider attending a special 1/2 day WebRTC event on Friday, June 27.  My initial idea for a different WebRTC event together with Tsahi (@ driving (mostly me crazy). The event will be held at Google’s spectacular Top of the Mark SFO office building and we’re honored at the support we’ve gotten from Google, Tokbox and Atlassian (a new name in the mix).  We’ll have more details next week and allow you to register early (this is a free event). We anticipate this will “sell out” quickly.

Speaking of Tokbox, they’re chasing down their annual non-commercial WebRTC survey which I hope you will take part in. Here’s the link