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How to use Twitter, the right way

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

OK so the title sounds like one of 10,000 articles about how to use Twitter.  Do’s and don’ts and stuff like that. But I’m not writing about. I’ve discovered, all by myself, but likely well documented by others, on how I get the maximum value out of Twitter.

I couldn’t figure out Twitter for the longest time. It’s seemed mostly worthless to me. A stream of conscientious. A place where everyone was talking and no one was listening. A micro world, similar to Facebook, where I could pretend to be a celebrity. I could imagine that people were incredibly interested that I had sushi last night in Tokyo (actually I did). But for me, it seemed like a total waste of time. That is until Flipboard.

Flipboard is an application for the various models of iApple stuff.  It basically creates a custom news page from things that you are interested in. You can link Flipboard into your various social media as well including Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

But what really got me excited is that Flipboard will troll through the people I follow on Twitter and extract links that people have “tweeted” about. It will create a newspaper style page, little photo (extracted from the link itself) along with the first few paragraphs of the actual article.

OK, I realize I’m late to the party, this is nothing new, been talked to death by those in the know. But this little application has awakened my interest in Twitter. I’m now keen to ‘follow’ who I think are interesting and post links to articles I would have otherwise missed.

Figuring I’m not the only genius to know about Flipboard, I’ve in turned started to tweet more and focused on articles I found interesting and hopes that other will as well.