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Blackberry versus Android

Chris KoehnckeChris Koehncke

mytouchblackI’ve used a Blackberry for the last 5 years and loved it. Best in class for managing email. Bar none.

Some months ago, I went to the RIM website to download a software utility and endured page after page of legal disclaimers, I realized how restrictive RIM thinks. History has long shown that trying to restrict a user, usually has grim prospects.  It was time for a change I thought.

So today I’m a proud owner of a T-Mobile MyTouch G2 Android phone. I immediately set about to ‘root’ it to allow me to load, well whatever I wanted, and have been happily downloading new applications, some endorsed by Google, others – well not so much.  No matter, I’m in full control of what my new little device does.

After a few weeks, what’s been my experience? I miss my Blackberry for email. I miss having a real keyboard. I miss some extra buttons that made life easier when driving down the road. But I’m not changing back.

Similar to most new iPhone users, I’ve spent hours personalizing the MyTouch, trying out new applications. I’ve looked for applications which might give the MyTouch a bit of a Blackberry feel. But along the way I realized, I no longer was holding a phone or even a specialized device for email, I was holding a computer, albeit a little one.

Suddenly, I’m not making as many phone calls nor reading more emails. I’m looking at websites, maps, keeping up with RSS news feeds, watching YouTube and playing games in idle moments. I’m happy not to be on the phone and even happier not to be a slave to email, but I’m not sure this new found time isn’t just as rapidly wasted on the new found applications.

Android still only has single digit market share and appeals to the Geek, while iPhone appeals to the cool wannabe. The reality is open usually wins in the long term. Android is only at release 1.5, so the game is still early and perhaps you want to wait a bit, but I’ve made the move and I ain’t moving back. Live life forward.