The doctor is in with WebRTC

PlushCare is a new innovative remote medical service. Telemedicine is not new, but PlushCare seems to have nailed the model. One based upon the needs of the patient. And it's all powered by WebRTC. Read more

The most WebRTC compliant browser is?

Which browser might have the best WebRTC feature functionality? My opinion answer might surprise you. A hint, not anyone you might think. Read more

Is WebRTC Hard? It depends

Tsahi says WebRTC is easy. I'm saying it's not. We can make it better. Not me. Not you. But us. Let's take a look at the situation. Read more

The real story on VP8 and H.264

H.264 is now part of WebRTC. Or is it? Why was there such a battle on such a relatively insignificant issue. I'll tell you why -- money. Follow the money and it always leads you back to the Usual Suspects. Read more

What we missed with Amazon Mayday

Changing the retail shopping experience with WebRTC is a major opportunity, but WebRTC alone won't be enough. It will be about the integration of numerous technologies to make this shift occur. Read more

What Microsoft’s WebRTC announcement means?

It was an early Christmas present from Microsoft on their WebRTC direction. Still a bit early but this announcement could be quite impacting, I'll list the reasons why. Read more

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Microsoft to support WebRTC

Microsoft to support WebRTC

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