Amazon Web Services for WebRTC? Y/N

Can you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host your WebRTC application? Yes you can, but no you probably don't want to. At least not yet. I'll give you some numbers from my own real life testing. Read more

Microsoft Spartan & WebRTC

Will Microsoft Spartan have WebRTC? The answer a definitive maybe. But first, we need to throw a few rocks. Read more

Why Microsoft & Google are cooperating on ORTC?

This unlikely pair (Microsoft & Google) are hard at work on what will be the next version of WebRTC to enable Internet Communications. But why? I have surprising opinion. Read more

What should a telco really do ( runs a nice P2P video conferencing service, plenty of reviews, but most interesting is how represents a novel approach to reshaping how traditional telcos can compete in Internet communications. There are some rules to be followed, but Telenor is showing success can be had. Read more

The doctor is in with WebRTC

PlushCare is a new innovative remote medical service. Telemedicine is not new, but PlushCare seems to have nailed the model. One based upon the needs of the patient. And it's all powered by WebRTC. Read more

The most WebRTC compliant browser is?

Which browser might have the best WebRTC feature functionality? My opinion answer might surprise you. A hint, not anyone you might think. Read more

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Is WebRTC Hard? It depends

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What Microsoft's WebRTC announcement means?

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