I didn’t go to Enterprise Connect, here’s why

While everyone got "slack" happy at Orlando's Enterprise Connect, I was busy looking at slack, the fast emerging communications tool that is sweeping thru the technology community and perhaps soon to more traditional businesses, but it won't get there if you let it. Read more

Encrypted Communications Trending

Your privacy may be a hot topic, but the individual isn't where the action is at. Enterprises are quickly desiring a need to secure their communications and well funded start-ups are emerging to help solve that need. Read more

WebRTC & mobile battery consumption

Getting credible data on a mobile application battery life is hard to pinpoint. Let me break this down into the various elements of a typical mobile communications application and some of the challenges in getting it right, both to making it work and minimize battery drain. Read more

Amazon Web Services for WebRTC? Y/N

Can you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host your WebRTC application? Yes you can, but no you probably don't want to. At least not yet. I'll give you some numbers from my own real life testing. Read more

Microsoft Spartan & WebRTC

Will Microsoft Spartan have WebRTC? The answer a definitive maybe. But first, we need to throw a few rocks. Read more

Why Microsoft & Google are cooperating on ORTC?

This unlikely pair (Microsoft & Google) are hard at work on what will be the next version of WebRTC to enable Internet Communications. But why? I have surprising opinion. Read more

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